A Quick Timeline: Catching Up

Aww heyyyy!

Don’t think I could be happier that you’re here. If you’re returning, apologies for the hiatus… I wanted to get caught up by sharing a quick and dirty updated timeline with you all.

 Since the last time I posted, please reference this timeline for any of my experiences:

  1. Came a semester away from graduating from UGA
  2. Couldn’t afford school, so had to drop and save for a semester
  3. Found a part-time (full-time 35+ hours a week) job to pay for the final semester
  4. Had a second, part-time gig – 12+ hours a week
  5. Adopted a kitten from the Humane Society
  6. Had to give back that kitten – still shook about that
  7. Paid for that final semester of UGA, went back to school and eventually…
  8. GRADUATED FROM UGA. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, I love you
  9. Continued to stay happily in love with muh man.
  10. Sang at a friend’s wedding
  11. Landed my first full-time job!
  12. Missed my mom, dad and little broskii down in Florida, but got to love on and live with my mom-mom in Georgia
  13. Celebrated a year with muh handsome
  14. Witnessed my best friend get engaged
  15. Got to see my cousin become a mom of two <3
  16. Saw the country get taken by a rude ass orange
  17. Saw Beyonce’s pregnancy album

Life is cray and I like to keep it that way.

Currently, I am into a few amazing and new things that I will be trying to keep you all updated on. Between a new found love for all things mystic and creative –tarot, crystals a new found sense of spirituality just to name a few– I have started finding myself at places that I need a bit more personal time and self-reflection. Enter blog and tarot. I will share as much as I can along my journey to make sure anyone who wants to can pick up from where I am and start something enchanting for themselves.

What I hope is that this site finds you well and that you’re finding something in life that fills you up with the good stuff. Take that however you want. So long as you’re happy, as am I. Anyway! Comment below and tell me what your favorite experience has been since 2017 started. It would be much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed the quick timeline. Be back shortly <3




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